School Authorities

Lic. María Sylvia Rodríguez     Principal

Lic. María Emilia Torres          Vice Principal

Curriculum Description

         The Instituto Educacional Henry Clay is a Venezuelan school, which complies with the Venezuelan Ministry of Education in its educational program.  Aside form these studies, the school has designed a bilingual program especially for the Henry Clay student.  At the Preschool level, the children are taught only in English its first three levels;  thus, the students learn how to read and write first in the English Language. When they reach the last level of Preschool, they learn how to read and write in Spanish. The transition is relatively easy since the students have mastered the reading and writing skills in one language, and they transfer it to the new language. Also, we do live in Venezuela, Spanish is the official language, and they are surrounded by it. By the time they reach first grade they read and write in both languages.  Starting the first grade until they reach senior year, students have an average of ten to thirteen hours a week in English.  By fourth grade they are completely bilingual.

          The academic year starts in September and ends in July, it is divided into three terms.  Throughout the term students are evaluated on a daily basis and this work compiles 70% of the grade, the term exams are worth 30%. 

          In Venezuela all school have the same curriculum and the same grading evaluation, from 01 to 20, passing grade is 10. However, here at Henry Clay we are more demanding and require 14 as an average in their passing grades.  Honor Roll grades are from 18 to 20. 

          The English program focuses on Grammar, Writing, Reading, Oral and Listening Skills. The Grammar is seen throughout Primary and Secondary grades through textbooks of the same grade level as American Schools.  The Writing program consists of book reports, research papers, essays, and translation. The Reading program emphasizes comprehension and analysis.  Oral and Listening Skills are practiced daily and students are required to give speeches and program debates.

          The Venezuelan Bachillerato, equivalent to High School, comprises five years of study.  The Venezuelan curriculum requires the following subject throughout High School 7th to 11th grades: Spanish and Literature, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Science, Earth Science, World Geography, Venezuelan Geography, World History, Venezuelan History, Civics, Education in Arts and Physical Education.

Important Facts

          The student body at Instituto Educacional Henry Clay participates annually in the Model of the United Nations at different schools in Venezuela, aside from having its own Model, Claymun.

          98% of the graduating class is accepted in accredited local and foreign universities.  In Venezuela universities such as Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Universidad Metropolitana, Universidad Monte Avila, Universidad Simón Bolívar and Universidad Nueva Esparta.  In the United States to Boston University, Emerson College, University of Colorado, Denver University, University Massachusetts, University of Central Arkansas, University of Miami, Grand Valley State University, Tulsa University, Harvard among others.